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Today is the first video game post on my website, and we will be reviewing FIFA 17. FIFA 17 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This review is based on the  PlayStation 4 version.

FIFA 17 offers many modes like Career, Tournaments, The Journey, Kick-Off, and of course Ultimate Team. There are also many online only modes like Pro Clubs, Seasons, and Co-op Seasons. So let’s get into it!


The main mode is Ultimate Team, where you can play both online and offline and build a fantasy team your way by acquiring players through packs, transfers, rewards, and new this year, Squad Building Challenges. Squad Building Challenges are where you trade in players and meet requirements and earn packs, kits, coins, and even special players!

Some other modes are Career Mode, where you can be a manager or player for many seasons, Tournaments where you can choose a licensed tournament or make a custom one, and Pro Clubs, where you create a different player and play against other online players.


In games, you feel like you are playing authentic, real soccer while you are doing things that seem impossible like making longshot goals or having an unbelievable curve on a shot. This makes the game fun and easy to play. You can use sliders to make the game more realistic or less, and you will never run out of teams to use with over 650 teams to use!

The Little Things

There are a couple of things in the game that bug a lot of people, including me. One, the EA Sports servers are always slow or down and it leads to a lot of disconnects from games. To qualify for World Championship, players have to get 38 to 40 out of 40 wins in a weekend. Some people are not qualifying because of disconnects, which is not fair. Next, the way your player should grow in career mode should be by XP or skill points, but in FIFA, you have to complete achievements, which makes it harder.

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10

IGN’s Rating 8.4 out of 10

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