My Favorite Detroit Sports Moment: 50th Post Special

This is my 50th post on my blog, and before I get into the post I would just like to thank anyone and everyone who has read the blog. You are the reason that I love doing this almost every day. If you have any ideas for me to write about or suggestions for the blog, feel free to comment on the blog posts or on my Facebook page. Thank you, everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing my favorite Detroit sports moment (that I have seen in person). I have been to many Detroit sports games, including Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Detroit City FC. But there was one moment that was my favorite.

It was the 2012 World Series, and it was the Tigers vs. the Giants. The Giants were leading 3-0 in the series, and then I got surprised when my dad got tickets to Game 4. The seats were in Section 343, and everyone was screaming the entire game. In the 3rd inning, Miguel Cabrera was up to bat. Cabrera hit a high fly ball off the Giants starter Matt Cain, and the ball carried into the right field seats. Hunter Pence had a chance to catch it, but a strong wind pushed it out of the park.

The reason I love this moment is that it was the first time I had seen Miguel Cabrera play. I didn’t know it then, but Cabrera is one of the best hitters in baseball history. And to see him hit a home run in the World Series was special. He was the first player whose jersey I got, and he is still my favorite player.

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