Why The Tigers Should Be Sellers At the Trade Deadline

The Tigers have certainly been disappointing this year. They are in 4th place right now in the AL Central, and they are 8 games under .500. GM Al Avila said before this season that they would try to compete this season and push for the Playoffs. The Playoffs seem very unlikely this season.  The Tigers are really going to need to rebuild because they have so many old players. So the Tigers need to make some moves for the future. Here’s what they should do.

Sell Ian Kinsler

The Tigers need to move on from this second baseman after 3 and a 1/2 years at Comerica. Kinsler is 35 years old and is having the worst year of his career. He is hitting  .237 compared to .288 last year, and he has only driven in 23 runs. Last year he drove in 83 runs. Fans have said that the Tigers need to move on from Kinsler, and I agree. What the Tigers need to get out of this trade is either a bullpen pitcher or a young SS/2B that will have years to develop for the Tigers.

Talk to J.D Martinez

Lots of rumors have come out that J.D Martinez will never in a million years come back to the Tigers after this year. He is a free agent and there are plenty of teams that need him. Yes, they could trade him right now, but you never know if the guy you get will work in the Tigers system. So here’s what the Tigers need to do. Either Al Avila or Brad Ausmus needs to sit down with Martinez and ask him if he wants to play for the Tigers next year. Ask him if he enjoys playing for the Tigers and playing in Detroit. If he says yes, you don’t need to trade him. Just give him a huge contract in the offseason. But if he says no, then trade him in a deal that makes sense. You might think they would need a right fielder now, but they can play Alex Presley in center-field and move Mikie Mahtook in right. And then you can sign a right fielder in the offseason.

Rebuild for the Next 5 Seasons, Not 2

Those are the two players that the Tigers need to consider the most at the deadline. But for the rest of the players, they just need to look at the offers they get and that will determine the trades they should make. The Tigers have to consider that they will probably not be competitive next season or the season after that. So they need to trade for players that are established but young and make this team competitive for years to come. That’s how the Tigers can get back to their winning ways.

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