MLB The Show 17: Diamond Dynasty New Features

MLB The Show 17 is a game only available on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. It was released on March 28, 2017. The game has the modes Play Now, Road to the Show, Home Run Derby, Franchise, Weekly Challenges, Retro Mode, and of course, Diamond Dynasty. Today we will specifically be reviewing Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty is a mode in MLB The Show where you build a team with current MLB players, flashback cards, and legends. You can earn stubs by playing any game mode

New Features

Diamond Dynasty has new ways to play and earn rewards. In the new Ranked Seasons Competition, you climb the leaderboards by earning rating points when you win. Once you get a certain amount of rating points, you move up to a higher rank. The higher rank, the better rewards you get. You get rewards after completing a season, which ends after a month of being live. So you have a month to get as high up in the ranks as you can! The current Ranked Seasons is called Ranked Seasons Stripes, which ends on August 14. My goal is to get to the Pennant Race rank or Wild Card rank which is 4 and 5 ranked out of 8. If you finish in the Pennant Race rank, you get 1 Gold Series Live Player, so 85 to 89 rated, and a Silver Live Series Card (80-84 rated). If you finish in the Wild Card rank, you get 88 overall Breakout Legend Shawn Green and the Gold and Silver Players.

There are also the Events, which are time-limited, where you play as many games as you can and try to build up the biggest winning streak and win as many cumulative games in the time limit. The last event was All-Star Summer Showdown II, and it ended yesterday. There has not been an announcement on any new events yet.

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