Detroit Pistons Review: Embrace The Tank!

Welcome back to another Detroit Pistons Review, where we look at the past week of action from the team and highlight how they can become better. Today, we will talk about why the Pistons season is already over and why the playoffs do not matter to this team. To stay updated on future posts, follow my Twitter here and like my Facebook page here. You can view all of my Detroit Pistons Reviews here.

Better 2 Games

Since the last post came out on Tuesday, there are only 2 games to talk about in this post. They lost in the closing seconds to the Raptors, and then yesterday they won by 16 against the Bulls. But despite better showings in these two games, I don’t think that the Pistons are going to make the playoffs this year or really even compete for a spot. The reason why is because I think the Pistons are going to tank for the rest of the season.

Why the Pistons Should Tank

The Pistons should tank because they can potentially get a good draft pick in June, and there is no way they are going to win a series against the Celtic, Raptors, or Cavaliers. And those 3 teams would be one of the teams the Pistons played if they did make the playoffs. The one problem could be that I believe that Stan Van Gundy is the right coach for the Pistons, but Tom Gores might not:

Detroit Pistons Review“This business is about winning games and we haven’t been doing enough of that. At the end of the season, we’ll sit down and talk and he’s got to make a decision about the best way to go for the organization.”


I think firing SVG would be a big mistake for this organization and that there wouldn’t be anyone that could replace him and make the team better.

Detroit Pistons Review: 2018 Free Agency

Another reason the Pistons should tank is that I think there would be some free agents that see what the Pistons are trying to accomplish and see Blake, Andre, and Reggie. A small forward or shooting guard star could make this team so much better, and I think the Pistons might have to throw some extra money at someone this summer to try and make their starting lineup better.

Thank you for reading this post about the Detroit Pistons. I will be live-blogging the Selection Show tomorrow and the NCAA Tournament polls will also start tomorrow after the show.

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