Fortnite Update v5.1: Birthday Celebration and Playground Returns

Fortnite has announced that the v5.1 Fortnite update will release tomorrow and that there will be special challenges and rewards for a 1-year birthday celebration. They have also announced that Playground mode will be coming back on Wednesday. Today we are going to be looking at everything new that will be in the update tomorrow. To stay updated on posts, follow my Twitter here and like my facebook page here. You can join my Discord here.

Birthday Celebration

Because of Fortnite’s 1 year anniversary, they will be releasing challenges that you can do to earn rewards. The event runs until August 8th. If you play 14 matches, you will earn 5k XP. This is a fairly easy challenge to do and will be very helpful for doing the Drift and Ragnorak progressive outfits. Next, you will earn a #1 cupcake emoticon for dealing 1,000 damage to opponents with any weapon. Finally, if you dance at 10 different birthday cakes that will be added throughout the map, you will get a Happy Birthday spray. Completing all of these challenges will give you a Birthday Cake back bling.

Playground Returns 

The following day, Playground mode will be returning to Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games has already said on social media that this version of Playground will have team select and lots more loot. There will be a full list of the new things added to the mode when the v5.1 patch notes release. These notes will come out once the downtime for the update starts. You can stay updated about the Fortnite update by following Fortnite’s Twitter here and their Instagram here.

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