My Dream Gaming Setup

Welcome back to another post, today I am going to be telling you guys what my dream gaming setup would look like. If you guys want me to make a series about cool electronic things I would use if I could, make sure to comment on what you would like to see below. You can like my facebook page here and follow my Twitter here. Please sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar to the right. Thanks!


I would have a 3 monitor setup, with one monitor for my PS4, one for a gaming PC, and one for running: Open Broadcaster Software if I streamed, Twitter, my website, etc. I would have the 2 monitors on the sides of the main one for my console and gaming PC. And then I would have a bigger monitor in the middle for my streaming dashboard. This would ensure my gaming setup allowed me to play and stream easily.

I would have 2 of the same monitors for my games, the ASUS FreeSync monitor. I would get the 27-inch monitor with 144hz. This would be so I would get a bigger screen and higher refresh rate to ensure the best experience. You can see it here

My main monitor would be a Sceptre 32 inch curved screen LED-lit monitor. You can see it here. I like having a big screen to look at as I stated above, and with a curved monitor, I would just have a unique looking setup.


One of the most important things for gamers is to make sure they are comfortable when they are putting hours into a game each day. That’s why I would choose a GTRACING chair. These chairs are very comfy, and allow you to lean back. I would get the blue model. You can view it here.


When you are gaming, there is a lot of clicking noises and it can be continuous in games where you need to make quick decisions. This could annoy other people or even yourself. That’s why I have chosen a silent keyboard that I would use. This is a Corsair K55 keyboard, and it is RGB. You can see it here.


When gaming, you need to be able to make precise movements with your mouse, but you also need to be able to make quick and sharp moves. That’s why I chose a big pad so that I would never have to worry about running out of space when gaming. The VicTsing Extended Mouse Pad is 31.5 by 15.75 inches, and it has other great things like water resistance and it is very durable. You can see it here.


If you want to be top level when you are gaming, you need a mouse that can be accurate and react instantly to what you do in your gaming setup. The Logitech Pro Wireless mouse is used by pro players in all of esports. It features 6 programmable buttons,  a 16k hero sensor which is the most accurate, 1 MS lightspeed, and weighing only 80 grams, making it ultra lightweight. This mouse has everything necessary for people who want to take their game experience to the next level. You can view it here.

This wraps up my post on my dream gaming setup. Comment down below what you would want in your setup. I will read them and probably respond with my thoughts! I mentioned wanting a monitor to view my stream on, so I might make another post with the gear I would want for streaming.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to come back to the site soon for more or look around some of the other posts.

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