MLB The Show 19 Collections: Introduction

Welcome back to another post. Today we are going to be talking about Collections in MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty. Collections are sets you can do to earn rewards such as Stubs, XP, and cards. To stay updated on future posts, follow my Twitter here and like my Facebook page here.

Last year, a lot of the ways to earn cards required you to trade items in and remove them from your inventory. But this year, the game is more focused on collecting cards to earn rewards.

MLB The Show 19 Collections Types

Currently, there are 7 different types of MLB The Show 19 Collections. I will be individually posting about all of these, but for now, let’s just go over the generals of what each Collection contains. Starter Collections are sets to complete at the start of the game to earn packs. Live Series is where you collect the card for every current player in the MLB. Featured Programs are sets that will help you complete programs when you finish the set. I will be getting more in-depth as to how programs have changed this year also. Then there are Legends and Flashbacks, where you collect cards that are a flashback type like Rookie, Breakout, and Veteran. Stadiums are very straightforward, you can collect all of the Classic, MLB, and Minor League stadiums.

Unlockables and Equipment are where you collect all of the bats, gloves, cleats, and animations, sounds, and rituals in the game. And finally, Created Player also goes along with programs, as you are collecting players for program stars.

This was just a quick overview of what programs are, but I will start with the Starter Collections and move in order going through what each of the collections exactly requires. Thanks for reading this and if this was helpful and you enjoyed, make sure to look out for more MLB The Show 19 Collections content here. Finally, if you want to catch up on my MLB The Show posts from last year’s version of this game, you can find those posts here.

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