Cristiano Ronaldo Signs for Juventus

Ronaldo Juventus Transfer

The Ronaldo Juventus Transfer

Earlier today, Juventus tweeted that they had signed Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a huge deal for Juventus and for Real Madrid. Today we are going to be looking at why this deal could have happened. To stay updated on future posts, follow my Twitter here, like my Facebook page here, and join my Discord here.

So why would Ronaldo want to leave a team that has won the last 3 Champions League titles? On May 31, former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane announced his resignation from managing the club. On June 12, Spain manager Julen Lopetegui was announced as the new manager for Real. The next day, the Spanish FA fired him. The reason all of this matters is because the reason Ronaldo might have wanted to be sold could be because he does not like Real’s new manager. He could have wished that they were still going to be managed by Zidane. We don’t know for certain why Ronaldo left Madrid, but we do know why Juventus bought him.

Juventus paid 117 million dollars to buy Ronaldo, so obviously, they really wanted him. He will join Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, and Giorgio Chiellini. With this lineup, Juventus has the potential to win the Champions League as well as the Serie A title.

It will be interesting to see Ronaldo in a new jersey this season, but it will be a new challenge for him and will make the soccer world more interesting. Look for previews of the Champions League and other soccer games throughout the year.

Ousmane Dembele’s Record-Breaking Barcelona Deal

Ousmane Dembele was a key part of Borussia Dortmund‘s squad last season, and he could be changing his position so Barcelona can fit the young player into their team. Dembele signed a 5 year deal with the club today. The initial fee for the transfer is 105 million euros, but that could rise up to 145 million euros, nearly double Barça’s previous record signing,  Luis Suarez from Liverpool in 2014 for 80 million euros.

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Dembele could be forced to play left winger because his normal right winger position is occupied by Lionel Messi. Barcelona would also rather play Dembele at LW because they lost Neymar this summer.

Dembele was born in Vernon, France on May 15, 1997. He started his club career with Rennes on September 6, 2015 for the first team squad. He scored 12 goals in 26 appearances for the French club, and then he was sold to Borussia Dortmund for 15 million euros. He only played one season at the German club, but he scored 6 goals in the Bundesliga, 2 in cups, and 2 in the Champions League. Dembele is expected to be one of the best players in the future. Players like this are called wonder boys or wonder kids.

Barcelona made a great decision to get rid of Neymar while still getting a great replacement. They made money because they sold Neymar for around 200 million and getting Dembele for 100 million. They can still compete for the La Liga and Champions League this season while having the money to spend during future transfer periods next winter or summer.

How Ronaldo’s Five Game Suspension May Benefit Real Madrid

Yesterday in the Spanish Supercopa, a game between La Liga winner Real Madrid and Spanish Cup winner Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo received a second yellow card to get sent off in the 82nd minute after diving in the box. He got suspended for pushing the ref after getting mad for being sent off

If you dive like you got hit in soccer when you really didn’t, the opponent receives a free kick, and the player who flops may receive a yellow card. Ronaldo had already received his first card after he took his jersey off celebrating a goal, which is automatically a card.

But Ronaldo getting sent off could teach Real Madrid a lesson.

Since Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009, he has scored 285 goals for Real Madrid in 265 La Liga appearances. Real Madrid has played 304 games in La Liga in that time. That means Ronaldo has only missed 39 games with Real Madrid, just over a full season of La Liga. This 5 game suspension will teach Real Madrid how to play without Ronaldo.

Real Madrid still has great players like Bale, Benzema, Isco, Modric, Kroos, and Asensio. But sometimes they are overshadowed by Ronaldo’s talents. Last season, Real Madrid scored 106 goals in La Liga. Ronaldo scored 25 of those. The next best scorer was Alvaro Morata, who is not on the team anymore. He scored 15 goals in La Liga. So Real Madrid needs to learn that Ronaldo cannot do everything for them, and this suspension may allow Real Madrid to learn how to perform without Ronaldo.

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Reports: Barcelona Reach Agreement to Sign Philippe Coutinho

Sources close to Barcelona told ESPN Deportes Jordi Blanco that the Spanish club has acquired the 25-year-old Brazilian Philippe Coutinho from the Premier League side, Liverpool, just five days after they sold superstar Neymar to PSG for a record breaking fee. The Coutinho deal is for about 90 million euros, but it could go up to 120 million euros with bonuses, according to ESPN FC. If Coutinho signs for Barcelona, they could in competition for the La Liga and Champions League trophies, while still making money this summer because of selling Neymar.

Honestly, I don’t think that Barcelona needs Neymar to be the best team in the world. Barcelona already have Messi, who is in every conversation for best player in the world and even in history. They also have Suarez, one of the best strikers in the world. Barça also have Iniesta, Rakitic, Pique, and a team that has competed for European glory for years. The only concern that they should have is that most of their best players are getting old. Messi, Suarez, and Pique are 30; Iniesta is 33; Rakitic is 29. That’s why Coutinho is a great signing because he is young and proven to be a great player in one of the world’s toughest leagues.

Coutinho scored 34 goals and had 29 assists in 138 games for Liverpool last season. His team had a record of 75-29 (without draws) in his  4.5 seasons at Anfield.

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James Rodriguez Signs Loan With Bayern Munich

James Rodriguez, a midfielder who turns 26 today, signed a two-year loan with Bayern Munich yesterday. The Columbian player will be in the German League for two seasons after Real Madrid let him leave their team and go to Bayern. Bayern will have to pay Real Madrid 5 million euros each year and at the of the loan, they can pay 35.2 million euros to keep James permanently. Rodriguez played 111 times for Madrid, scoring 36 goals and making 41 assists. He was almost certain to leave Real Madrid permanently this summer after being left off the Champions League final squad. But now he will have the chance to play for one of the best teams in the world and the team that has won the Bundesliga 5 straight times. He will also be reunited with manager Carlo Ancelotti, who coached him at Real Madrid from 2014-2015.