MLB The Show 17: Road to the Show Mode Review

MLB The Show 17 is a video game available on PlayStation 4. (Because Sony is the publisher of this game, it is not available on any other company’s gaming console.) My favorite game mode is Road to the Show. Today we are going to be reviewing the Road to the Show mode. Please follow my twitter and like my facebook page.

In Road to the Show (RTTS), you create your own professional baseball player, play in the Topps Amateur Showcase where you get scouted and determine your draft potential, and then get drafted to a major league team.You then play in their farm system and the better you perform, the faster you get called up to the majors. You get training points every game based on how you hit, ran, and fielded. You can then spend those training points to upgrade your stats.

This year, there was a new feature added to RTTS. There are cutscenes where your manager, hitting coach, and agent can talk to you, and you get different responses that you can choose based on what you want your character’s personality to be. You can also buy equipment, which will give your player better stats. You can buy bats, gloves, cleats, shin guards, compression sleeves, and even rituals that all make your player perform better!

The character that I created is a left fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays. I was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays and then traded to the Blue Jays. I am in 2018, which is my third season.  (You can continue using characters from previous versions of MLB The Show game on the next year’s version.) I am using the character that I created on MLB The Show 16  on MLB The Show 17. Since my character is in his 3rd season, I will have to play 3 more seasons before I become a free agent.

My favorite part of RTTS mode is the fact that you get to play in the minors and work yourself up to the majors, just like real players. I also love playing at all the different stadiums and doing bat flips when I hit a long home run.

Road to the Show is my favorite mode in MLB The Show and is the most creative mode in the game.

More New FIFA 18 Details

Yesterday there was a big live stream for FIFA 18, with news about new Ultimate Team features and gameplay with Real Madrid players, hosted by the FIFA YouTubers Castro and SpencerFC. Here are some of the details about the new game, coming out September 29.

New Walkout Animation and Signature Walkouts

Last year, EA Sports introduced walkouts to FIFA 17, where if you got a player that included a walkout, there would be a pause before the pack opened and the player you got would walk out on to the screen and their nation’s flag would show. You can see an example here. Now in FIFA 18, there will not be a pause before the pack opens, but the player will run out and circle around two billboards with the player’s nation, club, and overall rating. If the player you get has a signature celebration like Ronaldo or Griezmann, they will run out and do their signature celebration. You can see that here.

Icon Ratings and Stories

Replacing Legends on Ultimate Team this year are Icons which will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One. Instead of each player having 1 card based on their entire career, they will have 3 cards. One will be from their early years, one from their late years, and one from their best year. I will make a separate post on all of the player’s ratings for all three cards later today or tomorrow.

New Squad Building Challenge Feature

Last year SBC’s were introduced, where you would trade in players with certain abilities to earn packs or a better player. New to SBC’s this year will be Brick Slots, where one spot in an SBC will have to meet a certain requirement. You can see an example here. As you can see in the example, the slots in black have to be players from certain nations, leagues, and/or clubs. So the Brick Slot CB spot has to be a player from the MLS and Spain. These will make SBC’s harder and you will have to be more creative. You can also now complete SBC’s on the FUT Web App, which you can download to a mobile device, or you can use the website.


There are now Objectives, where you will have a certain amount of time to complete gameplay objectives and earn rewards. There are Starter Objectives, Daily Objectives, and Weekly Objectives. My guess is that the Starter Objectives will last forever, but obviously, the other ones will be time-limited.

Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a new single-player mode in Ultimate Team. You play against other peoples Ultimate Teams, but you are playing the computer. You earn points by winning and the better the opposing team is and the difficulty you play on decide how many points you get. There are different ranks, and the higher rank you get the better rewards you get. The Squad Battles will be weekly I’m guessing. You can see a layout here.

Champions Channel

The last feature is Champions Channel, which is where you can watch Featured Matches and see how some of the best FIFA competitors play. EA Sports chooses certain matches that you can watch on Champions Channel, and you are in full control of what parts you watch. This can help you see how the pro’s play FIFA.

I hope you enjoyed this post about new features in FIFA 18 and be sure to watch for my post about Icons ratings. You can like my Facebook page here, and make sure you follow my Twitter for updates on new posts.



MLB The Show 17: Diamond Dynasty New Features

MLB The Show 17 is a game only available on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. It was released on March 28, 2017. The game has the modes Play Now, Road to the Show, Home Run Derby, Franchise, Weekly Challenges, Retro Mode, and of course, Diamond Dynasty. Today we will specifically be reviewing Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty is a mode in MLB The Show where you build a team with current MLB players, flashback cards, and legends. You can earn stubs by playing any game mode

New Features

Diamond Dynasty has new ways to play and earn rewards. In the new Ranked Seasons Competition, you climb the leaderboards by earning rating points when you win. Once you get a certain amount of rating points, you move up to a higher rank. The higher rank, the better rewards you get. You get rewards after completing a season, which ends after a month of being live. So you have a month to get as high up in the ranks as you can! The current Ranked Seasons is called Ranked Seasons Stripes, which ends on August 14. My goal is to get to the Pennant Race rank or Wild Card rank which is 4 and 5 ranked out of 8. If you finish in the Pennant Race rank, you get 1 Gold Series Live Player, so 85 to 89 rated, and a Silver Live Series Card (80-84 rated). If you finish in the Wild Card rank, you get 88 overall Breakout Legend Shawn Green and the Gold and Silver Players.

There are also the Events, which are time-limited, where you play as many games as you can and try to build up the biggest winning streak and win as many cumulative games in the time limit. The last event was All-Star Summer Showdown II, and it ended yesterday. There has not been an announcement on any new events yet.

FIFA 18: What We Know So Far

FIFA 18 will be the next installment in the EA Sports FIFA series, with the game coming out on September 29. Here’s what we know so far about the new game.

The Game will be available on the Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 will be available on the Nintendo Switch, but instead, it will be called EA Sports FIFA. The game will feature Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Switch Kick Off and Local Seasons as the modes. You cannot yet pre-order the game for the Switch, but it will probably be the same price as it is for the game on consoles and PC.

The New “Legends” Will Be Available On PS4

EA Sports has gotten rid of Legends, which were cards in Ultimate Team that were of former players who were some of the greatest of all time. These cards were only available on Xbox. Now, EA Sports has made Icons, which are just like Legends except they are now also available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One. The announced Icons so far are Ronaldo Nazario, Diego Maradona, Thierry Henry,  Lev Yashin, and Pele. I will make a post about all of the Icons careers in Soccer when all of the Icons are announced.

The Journey Will Return

The Journey was a new feature in FIFA 17 where you played as Alex Hunter, a fictional soccer youngster. You got to choose which team in the Premier League you wanted to play for and then play an entire season on that team. The Journey is coming to FIFA 18 too. It will be called The Journey: Hunter Returns.  Clips in the trailer have indicated he might transfer to another club in the next season, but we will have to wait and see when the game comes out.

The Price and Pre-Order Bonuses

The price for FIFA 18 is $60 for the standard edition pre-order, and you get $15 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Ultimate Team Packs, a Cristiano Ronaldo Loan for 5 Ultimate Team games, and 8 special Ultimate Team kits. If you pre-order the Ronaldo Edition for $80, you get $60 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, a Cristiano Ronaldo 5 game loan, 8 special kits and 3 days early access to the game. and if you pre-order the Icon edition for $100, you get everything you get in the Ronaldo Edition, except you get $120 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and a 5 game Ronaldo Nazario loans and a TOTW 3 game loan player for 20 weeks.

I am very excited for FIFA 18 and I will be doing many posts about it throughout the summer when more details about the game are released.

My FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Today I will be telling you my FIFA Ultimate Team lineup. Ultimate Team is the main mode in FIFA 17, and you build up coins to make your team better

Formation: 4-3-3

Overall: 83

Chemistry: 100


GK: Kasper Schmeichel

RB: Pablo Zabaleta

CB: Nicholas Otamenti

CB: John Terry

LB: Cesar Azpilicuata

CM: Danny Drinkwater

CM: Juan Mata

CAM: Dele Ali

LW: Dimitri Payet

ST: Roberto Firmino

RW: Riyad Mahrez


Ben Reviews – FIFA 17

Today is the first video game post on my website, and we will be reviewing FIFA 17. FIFA 17 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This review is based on the  PlayStation 4 version.

FIFA 17 offers many modes like Career, Tournaments, The Journey, Kick-Off, and of course Ultimate Team. There are also many online only modes like Pro Clubs, Seasons, and Co-op Seasons. So let’s get into it!


The main mode is Ultimate Team, where you can play both online and offline and build a fantasy team your way by acquiring players through packs, transfers, rewards, and new this year, Squad Building Challenges. Squad Building Challenges are where you trade in players and meet requirements and earn packs, kits, coins, and even special players!

Some other modes are Career Mode, where you can be a manager or player for many seasons, Tournaments where you can choose a licensed tournament or make a custom one, and Pro Clubs, where you create a different player and play against other online players.


In games, you feel like you are playing authentic, real soccer while you are doing things that seem impossible like making longshot goals or having an unbelievable curve on a shot. This makes the game fun and easy to play. You can use sliders to make the game more realistic or less, and you will never run out of teams to use with over 650 teams to use!

The Little Things

There are a couple of things in the game that bug a lot of people, including me. One, the EA Sports servers are always slow or down and it leads to a lot of disconnects from games. To qualify for World Championship, players have to get 38 to 40 out of 40 wins in a weekend. Some people are not qualifying because of disconnects, which is not fair. Next, the way your player should grow in career mode should be by XP or skill points, but in FIFA, you have to complete achievements, which makes it harder.

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10

IGN’s Rating 8.4 out of 10